Mistral 2014 Au bord de la mer

Beach - Bar - Restaurant

  • Client:  Mistral 2014 Au bord de la mer
  • Info:+30 2221099960  |  info@mistral2014.gr

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A journey of the senses...

You’ll fall in love with it at first sight? its location, decoration and aura render the space a must.

Are you after a beach restaurant, gourmet cuisine, a lounge bar or a place where you can rub shoulders with the glitterati? If you are in Drosia-Chalkidas and are after gourmet seafood cuisine, this is your ideal choice. All the above are on offer plus an inventive and tempting menu. It’s just fascinating how MISTRAL 2014 | Au bord de la mer sapce manages to finely balance its modern, cosmopolitan nature with an unpretentious gourmet atmosphere, being relaxed yet boasting excellent, informal service.